JULY 9, 2014

After Everything You've Tried, Why Do You Still Look Bloated, Lethargic, and Heavy?

You follow the instructions...
You take the pills...
You even start to exercise.

Then why are you still overweight?

Millions of Americans, especially those of us over 30, can blame diet failure on a sluggish metabolism, made worse by the telltale signs of lethargic digestion: embarrassing constipation, gas, and belly bulge - the small, infuriating "tummy pooch" that utterly ruins your look, your wardrobe, and your confidence.

It's ironic - it seems the more you diet and the more out of balance your digestion and metabolism become, the less likely you'll ever be thinner.

So, are we doomed to a life of failed diets and expanding waistlines?

No, not at all... thanks to a new way of looking at digestive health, weight loss, and a flatter stomach.

A New Approach Makes a Big Difference

Combining probiotics with a proven thermogenic compound and special energy/metabolic boosters is helping men and women find remarkable success in their quest for better digestive health and a tighter, slimmer shape. Among the first of this new generation of probiotics-based supplements is ProbioSlim. The brainchild of Boston-based MIT- and Harvard-trained researchers, ProbioSlim is helping thousands of men and women get their digestive health on track and boost a slow metabolism in three important ways:

• Burns Fat Fast

ProbioSlim contains Super EGCG Green Tea Leaf Extract, a powerful compound that increases your energy (without the "jitters") and propels your metabolism into high gear. EGCG increases lipid oxidation in those areas where fat likes to congregate - waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

• Reduces, Gas, Bloating, and Constipation

ProbioSlim uses a patented strain called LactoSpore®. Patented? Yes, because it has the uncanny ability to withstand the harsh environment of the stomach (many probiotic strains can't) - delivering more active probiotic 'spores' to improve digestion, restore a healthy balance, and quickly relieve bloating, gas, and constipation (you'll even see a flatter midsection).

• Slashes Cravings and Diet Fatigue

With the addition of energy to system-balancing probiotics, ProbioSlim helps you power through cravings as it supports thermogenesis (as part of a reduced-calorie diet)... you start losing pounds and inches so there's no time to get discouraged.

Look Better from Every Angle

You'll never experience real weight loss without resetting your metabolism. And if your digestion isn't up to speed, you can lose a few pounds but still appear pudgy and bloated. Bottom line, ProbioSlim can help you get thin, stay thin, and put an end to belly bulge with optimum digestive health.

Try ProbioSlim and See for Yourself

The makers of ProbioSlim are so confident in their new product that they are offering a 14-day risk-free sample. If you're interested in improving digestive health, having more energy, and sculpting a tighter body, claim a sample here. If you are not able to claim a bottle online, you may be able to find ProbioSlim at your local GNC.

What exactly can you expect to see and feel in just 14 days?

  • A strong metabolic boost
  • More energy to control cravings
  • Improved digestion and intestinal balance
  • Eased bloating & reduced "tummy pooch"
  • The start of your new, thinner, tighter shape