Sue D. | 02/19/15

This product is great. I was in my doctor’s office 3 weeks ago and she was complaining about my weight. What else is new? So I decided the next time I saw her I was going to be under 170 (which I have not been under in about 10 years). Well, I had this product just sitting on my table so I started to use it. No jitters and no issue getting the pill down my throat. I just left my doctor’s office and I lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. Finally under 170. This product and a few adjustments to my daily routine helped me see this result. I will continue using to try and lose that last 30 pounds I need to get rid of.

Ina M. | 02/14/15

I was skeptical trying out my sample. But by the time I finished my first bottle, I was upset my new pants did not fit anymore. lol! In the time I've been taking ProbioSlim, I've gone from a snug size 16 to comfortable size 12. Yes, I was upset I had to buy new pants, but am so happy with the ProbioSlim results!

Eileen H. | 02/05/15

I started a 2-week sample 2 weeks ago. I still have a few days left and have already lost 6 pounds with no side effects and my stomach issues have not returned. This is amazing.

Shirley S. | 01/07/2015

I have been using ProbioSlim for about 2 months and would recommend this product to anyone with digestive issues. I lost 15lbs and will need a bigger bottle...

Sheronda L. | 10/03/14

I started with the free sample and immediately had relief from gastro issues. I had already begun altering my foods to clean foods, protein shakes and doing some walking/jogging. I lost 8 pounds with that bottle!! ProbioSlim worked wonderfully! My appetite decreased, I had more energy, no more of that weighted discomfort and burning! I decided why not have two benefits in one! I just reordered the 30 day supply and I am excited to see my results!

Terreasia B. | 09/23/14

I'm trying to lose nearly 100 lbs. My normal body weight is around 140, but I'm currently 5'8 and 240 lbs. I have tried other products that claim to help you lose weight and was skeptical of ProbioSlim. Well to my surprise, not only did I start losing weight right away, but my energy level has been great too! I actually saw and felt a change. I started on 9/19/2014 and I have lost a full 10 lbs! I can't wait to see how much weight I can lose.

Christina W. | 09/15/14

This product is awesome. I feel more awake, I'm eating less, and feeling more full! Try it now!!!

Kathy B. | 08/27/14

I have been using ProbioSlim for just over 15 days. I have lost 4 lbs and do not have the stomach problems I've had for most of my life!

Danna O. | 06/13/14

I started using the free trial of ProbioSlim I was sent just a couple weeks ago and I have had no stomach discomfort from gas or bloating ever since. I have also lost a few pounds so far with it! Most of all I am so thankful that my discomfort has gone away.

Matthew P. | 04/25/14

I had been dieting since December of 2013 and not seeing much results. I began taking ProbioSlim on March 5th, 2014 and I couldn't be happier with the progress I have made. Continuing with my diet and exercise regimen, I have gone from 303lbs. to 267lbs. as of April 18th, 2014. I couldn't be happier and I thank ProbioSlim from the bottom of my happier and healthier heart.

Elizabeth G. | 10/24/13

As far as ProbioSlim, I found taking it extremely easy and to be honest, it seems to have taken away any previous stomach discomfort. I never realized before what the feeling was so it must have been digestive issues because I no longer have any discomfort! As far as the weight loss feature, while I don't currently own a scale, my pants are definitely looser and my appetite is definitely less. Overall, a very good experience and I look forward to the next six months. And the results.

Christine B. | 08/15/13

Prior to trying ProbioSlim, I had a lot of bloating. By the beginning of week two is when I noticed most of the changes taking place due to taking ProbioSlim as directed. I noticed less gas and bloated feeling. I had several people ask me if I had lost weight.

Brittany B. | 08/16/13

I have been taking the ProbioSlim supplement for about a week. I have felt slightly less bloated and a little more awake.