ProbioSlim’s Psyllium Fiber works in tandem with ProbioSlim™ to promote regularity and support your digestive health. But most importantly, it helps you manage your weight.

If you’re like millions of other Americans, your diet is dangerously low in fiber. With ProbioSlim’s Psyllium Fiber, you can easily add more of this critical macronutrient to your daily regimen — safely and gently for the results you deserve.

With just four capsules taken twice daily, you can have the confidence of knowing that you’re giving yourself the best chance of successfully achieving your digestive health and weight loss goals.

With all of its benefits, ProbioSlim's Psyllium Fiber is a critical component of weight management and holistic healthy living.

Psyllium Fiber

Psyllium Fiber

  • Helps With Weight Management
  • Improves Digestive Health
  • Supports Regularity